Conducted by Interim Conductor Sam Kyzer,  the Lake Norman  Orchestra  sets the standard for excellence as the largest and most successful community-based musical arts organization in the South Iredell region. This all-volunteer, non-profit orchestra performs six to eight events a year between April and December, and reaches a diverse community of listeners.

A Symphony Evolves Around the Lake

Originally developed as an adult community group of 20 musicians, the LKNO now embraces those community musicians who desire to improve their musicianship, share their talent with their peers and provide quality entertainment throughout the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

The Lake Norman Orchestra has become  part of the musical soul of the Lake Norman area.  In  2001,  William and Nanette Haraden and Todd and Cheryl Lary moved to the area, and set about creating  a permanent orchestra that exemplifies the community’s sense of cultural life, while  delivering an eclectic mix of classics and new sounds.  In May 2003, the 20-member Lake Norman Orchestra, then conducted by Haraden,  gave its first performance, and woke up the sleepy lakeside community with its vibrant symphony and musical passion.  Later on, as the orchestra matured, Music Director Joshua Stevenson took the baton, and the orchestra continued to add more performances.  In 2008, Maestro Cedeño stepped onto the podium as Music Director and Conductor and in 2012,  members of the orchestra took it’s first concert tour in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria.  Due to Cedeño’s involvement in education, the orchestra continues to grow, with it’s inclusion of high school and collegiate-level musicians who want to  complement to their regular studies and hone their musical skills.

The Lake Norman Orchestra currently serves South Iredell, North Mecklenburg, East Lincoln and West Cabarrus counties and performs throughout the year, beginning in March and continuing through early December.  With it’s performances at regional venues and a concert tour in Europe under it’s belt, the orchestra’s musical repertoire is as diverse as its membership.

A hardworking Board of Directors and  countless volunteers  support the orchestra’s program.  Funding comes from private foundations, public grants, ticket sales and private individuals.  Rehearsals are held every Monday evening, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in facilities graciously donated by the Peninsula Baptist Church in Mooresville.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Lake Norman Orchestra is to enhance, inspire, strengthen, and educate our community through exceptional music performances and to build strong, creative partnerships with schools, local government, businesses, and other organizations.

Our Core Values are the hallmark elements that distinguish the Lake Norman Orchestra from other groups and programs. We strive to embrace our core values and exemplify these qualities in everything we do.


  • Commitment to our organization and our community
  • Excellence and variety in our performances
  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Open communication and collaborative environment
  • Accountability and reliability
  • Honesty, loyalty, integrity, sensitivity and respect
  • Responsibility and recognition
  • Trust in other leadership and each other
  • Appreciation of music through education
  • Passionate about our mission
  • Responsive to our communities – both internal and external
  • Financial stability

Our Musicians

The musicians of the Lake Norman Orchestra are proud to serve the community by bringing artistic passion and enormous talent to each and every performance. Every single musician, artist and conductor strives for perfect in performance and is dedicated to giving the highest level of excellence required.

Rehearsals are held every Monday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in facilities graciously donated by the Peninsula Baptist Church located at 687 Brawley School Road in Mooresville. Musicians interested in playing strings, woodwinds, brass or percussions are invited to visit our rehearsals and talk with orchestra members and directors.

Board of Directors 2019-2020

The Lake Norman Orchestra is recognized for its enormously talented, dedicated and passionate leaders.

President:  Deborah Wyatt

Vice President: Julie Kukuruda

Secretary:   Carolyn Tester

Conductor & Music Director:

Treasurer: Melanie Byers-Stokes

At Large Directors:  Linda Bauer, Lynn Blizard, Gail Boyer, Bob Mason, Tamara Sutton, Tamara Schlosser

Legal Counsel:  Ted F. Mitchell, Esq.



Lake Norman Orchestra | P.O. Box 4859 | Mooresville, NC 28117

The Lake Norman Orchestra is always seeking to welcome talented musicians for membership. For more information, please contact us by clicking here.